Face Recognition
Face Recognition

Tiandy face recognition system, with multiple methods and various solution, achieves the best image and high accuracy, assisting people to deal with more complex situation and making more convenient to solve the emergency.It has 3 different methods to suit different conditions.

With Tiandy face recognition system, for the different occasion, our professional technicians will deploy different system. In the one hand, we will make sure the system is capable to fulfill your request, and on the other hand we will offer the economical solution for our customer.

Tiandy FR system see more. With AI technology, the camera could achieve more intelligence function, and make the deep learning come true. We are developing more function for the FR system, not limited to faces, we want see more and get more information.

Better Image for the FR system. Also Tiandy will equip with the better function to make sure the image will be better and achieve better accuracy.

Normal scene(Tiandy FR camera on the left)

BLC(Tiandy FR camera on the left)

Access control solution:  with the multiple interface of our camera, we can link to the access control devices. Easier to manage the visitors access.