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Founded in 2004, Tiandy Technologies is a world-leading intelligent surveillance solution and service provider positioned in full color full time, ranking No.9 in the surveillance field. As a world leader in video surveillance industry, Tiandy integrates  AI, big data, cloud computing, IoT and cameras into safety-centric intelligent solutions. With more than 2,000 employees, Tiandy has over 60 branches and support centers at home and abroad. And has now come to African continent, more specifically South Africa. Our product has already proved itself in the market and being installed in a number of Fuelling stations, Convenience stores, Supermarkets, Office buildings and have even gone as far as setup CCTV monotoring for small communitties . 


With a strong and highly-capable R&D team as the core of our company, we are being the first in the industry to put forward the “starlight” concept in 2015, which we applied into IPC to take sharp and colorful image in static scene of 0.002 Lux. Then we improved the “Super Starlight” cameras with exclusive TVP algorithm to capture image in the static scene of 0.0004 Lux in 2017 and then in the dynamic scene of  0.0004 Lux in 2018 when we completely launch the Star device line that consists IPC, PTZ and Panoramic series. Now, with user-friendly self-developed GUI, “Easy7” VMS and “EasyLive” mobile APP, we offer cost-efficient solutions and project-based products including 2MP to 16MP camera, 4X to 44X PTZ camera and 5ch to 320ch NVR, supporting milestone and patriot. Fortified by our advanced SMT production line and strict quality control system.


We pursue high-quality products and develop various industry solutions, ranging from intelligent neighbourhood, intelligent traffic system, intelligent education, financial system, to water resource engineering etc.. The Tiandy range of products are used in over 60 countries and products and services are applied in over 500 smart cities as well as in Davos Forum, London Heathrow Airport and the World Cup in Brazil etc.. We are focusing on developing a reliable cooperation platform to our clients in South Africa and promise our customers a safe smart life with the mission of “Vision for World”. Whatever the requirements, Tiandy South Africa will always and be able to find a way to meet your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.


135 Stephen Dlamini Road

Musgrave | Durban | South Africa

TEL: +27 31 201 1270

Email: sales@tiandy.co.za